Professional mobility funds to help you find accommodation close to your workplace

Professional mobility funds to help you find accommodation close to your workplace

Discover the various schemes offered by Action Logement to support your geographical mobility and reduce your costs.

Mon job, Mon logement

  • €1,000 subsidy for private-sector employees
  • Newly-recruited (less than 3 months) or moving closer to the workplace
  • Salary below 1.5 times the minimum wage


  • Interest-free loan to fund the rental deposit
  • Under 30 years of age, in professional training or seeking employment
  • Private sector employees, student employees or trainees

VISALE guarantee

  • Interest-free deposit loan for rental rates of up to €1,500
  • Open to young people under 30 years, employees over 31 years with a salary below €1,500 or in the process of professional transfer
  • Tenant with a mobility lease


  • Students under 30 years on a work-study programme
  • Up to €100 per month for 1 year, calculated according to rental rates and housing benefits
  • Paid directly to the beneficiary


  • Non-agricultural private sector staff with a company of more than 10 employees (permanent, fixed-term or temporary contracts, work-study programmes, etc.)
  • Subsidy and 1% funding loan up to €3,500
  • Funding of relocation assistance services

All Action Logement
mobility funds may be combined

Do you have a relocation project?

Home Explorer relocation services are covered by the Mobili-Pass® – you don’t need to advance the expenses. We take care of finding your future home and we facilitate your arrival, everywhere in France.

Contact us to see if you’re eligible.

The Mobili-Pass® offers you property search services

The maximum allowance is 3500 €, and is divided into:
• A grant to finance the expenses of assistance in the search of a rental housing realised by a mobility company – maximum of 2200 €
• A loan, repayable in a maximum of 36 months, to cover other expenses related to mobility, with a nominal annual rate of 1%

*Nominal annual interest rate excluding optional insurance

The Mobili-Pass® grant covers the relocation costs related to the research of a new home.
To be eligible for this help, conditions apply


The grant is intended for new employees (hired or transferred) of private non-agricultural companies of at least 10 employees


The distance between your former home and your new home must be at least 70 kilometers (43.5 miles), or require a commute of at least 1 hour and 15 minutes


You can benefit from this help once every two years


Home Explorer can compile and submit your application to Action Logement for funding. Our teams are here to guide you and advise you – please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Services included in the Mobili-Pass® assitance:

Assistance in defining the beneficiary’s needs and expectations
Advice and guidance at the place of departure
Presentation of the region and host city
Search and choice of accommodation
Accompanied visit of chosen accommodation
Assistance with the signature of the lease
Assistance with administrative procedures for the commissioning of accommodation (guide to administrative formalities, utility connections, inventory).

Plus de détails sur Action Logement

MOBILI-JEUNE® : a mobility fund for your work-study programme

If you are on a work-study training programme and have signed an apprenticeship or professionalisation contract with a company, the Mobili-Jeune® subsidy can help fund your rent:

From €10 to €100 per month, according to your rental rates after welfare deductions (APL)

For the duration of the training period or a maximum period of 12 months (renewable).

To be eligible for the Mobili-Jeune® subsidy, you must be under 30 years of age with a salary equal to or below the full minimum salary rate. Monthly payment is made following the submission of documentary proof to the Action Logement website.

Visale guarantee: Action Logement acts as your guarantor

It is almost impossible at present to rent accommodation without a guarantor. To reassure owners and cover your rent in the event of difficulty, the Visale guarantee can replace a physical guarantor.

The Visale guarantee covers up to 36 months of unpaid rent and can be set up within 48 hours via online application.

LOCA-PASS® advance to fund the deposit payment

This aid enables you to pay the deposit on your accommodation upon the signature of the lease, which you then repay in instalments with a 3-month deferral.

Interest-free loan repayable over 25 months, with minimum monthly instalments of €20

Interest-free loan up to €1,200

All forms of accommodation (social or private housing, furnished or unfurnished)

See here if you are eligible for the Loca-Pass®
and submit your application online.

Mon Job, Mon Logement aid to help you move closer to your workplace

A subsidy of up to €1,000, designed specifically to enable you to move closer to your work or training place, subject to certain conditions:


You must be a private sector employee with a salary below 1.5 times the minimum wage, i.e., €2,404.68 gross per month in 2022


The home-work commute must be less than 30 minutes (fixed workplace)


For new recruits, the period between the 1st day in the new position and the signature of the lease must be less than 3 months.

Note: Applications to be submitted no later than 3 months after the coming into effect of the lease.

All the information about these funds are on the Action Logement website.

Mobili-Pass assistance ended on June 30, 2023

Home Explorer remains mobilized to support you in all procedures related to mobility. Business or individual, our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.