Our services
facilitate your arrival

Our services
facilitate your arrival

Moving into a new home can take time, so we continue to provide our assistance well after you find accommodation and obtain the keys.


moving out

Termination of the rental lease
Advisory visit and pre-inventory
Cleaning service and leaseholder repairs
Accompanied or represented departure inventory
Termination of all contracts related to the accommodation
Help in selling or renting property
Moving out coordination or assistance

moving in

Orientation day
Administrative formalities
Accompanied or represented arrival inventory
Implementation of contracts and domestic subscriptions
Search for schools or child care
Partner support service



Do you have a specific request ?
Find out about our concierge services.

Settle in your new home peacefully with Home Explorer

We can organise your move from start to finish : comparison of quotes and validation with a removal company, coordination of furniture removal and delivery.
An invaluable time-saver for you! One task less to manage! Interested in a comparative survey of energy provider rates? Our team will find the offer that suits you best.

Schooling and childcare

Because your mobility affects all the family and represents a life change for your children, we assist you with all procedures:

Search for a certified child minder
Registration with a creche
Advice on local schools
Assistance with school enrolment (public and private)

For a personalised quote

Administrative tasks take time – we handle them !

Moving to another city or region implies anticipating certain formalities prior to your arrival.Thanks to the advice and support of our team along every step of the way, you can be sure nothing is overlooked, such as the opening of a bank account, registration procedures with French health, social security and welfare services, or the updating of vehicle documents.

Relocating from
abroad ?

Take advantage of our expertise and assistance for formalities related to work and residence permits, for you and your family, according to your status and country of origin. We can also provide you with specialist advice on international taxation.

A tailor-made move with our concierge services

Because every situation is unique, we offer you a service tailored to your needs. DFrom the furnishing of your primary residence to the receipt of your packages, our teams can meet your every request.
A fully-stocked fridge can await you on the day you move in!

Looking to acquire property?

Hotel / B&B booking for initial days
Home delivery for groceries (before and after your arrival)
Child care, after-school activities
Accommodation furnishing: furniture, appliances, interior decoration
Dealings with trade workers
House cleaning, gardening and landscaping services

Examples of
our services:

We can put you in contact with brokers and notaries for the acquisition of your property.
The Home Explorer teams can also assist you with all aspects related to the renovation, furnishing and decoration of your accommodation. Thanks to a network of partner trade workers, we can provide you with quotes for all your work projects.

Mobili-Pass assistance ended on June 30, 2023

Home Explorer remains mobilized to support you in all procedures related to mobility. Business or individual, our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.